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Sensory-Friendly Haircuts
Helping kids look as amazing
as they ARE!

Having my own child with physical and mental health challenges, I know what it feels like to need a professional ally. Someone who really listens to your story, cares about and works well with your child, and comes along side you to support your #1 goal: to make life better for your child!

In my work with hundreds of families, I've heard almost all parents of children with sensory processing challenges say the same thing : Getting my child's haircut is EXTREMELY difficult! I felt limited in my ability to be an effective ally in this area and saw a real need for a service to give families the tools they need for a successful haircut.

Enter Rainbow Roots! 


At Rainbow Roots, I draw on honed skills and evidence-based practice to improve children's sensory processing abilities and self-regulation skills. Your child will rehearse getting a haircut through literature, videos, and multisensory play. When your child is ready, Rainbow Roots will use adapted equipment and environmental modification to support her/him through an actual haircut. Families have the option of learning therapeutic principles to cut their child's hair themselves, or working with their family stylist for a professional haircut.  Coming soon: professional cuts by patient and compassionate, Rainbow Roots-trained stylists! 

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